Thursday, January 8, 2009

Apple Ipod Nano 3rd Gen vs iTouch

I gave in and decided to upgrade my 3rd generation Nano to the new iTouch (8 gb).

What a difference!

I really think I should have chosen an iTouch with more memory since I currently have 1200 + songs in my library. Just the music alone filled up the majority of my space. I deleted some songs that I knew I'd never listen to again and made way for some very interesting applications.

Here's the thing....

The new iTouch connects to the best Internet plug surrounding you and it allows you to check e-mail from a variety of e-mail providers, it gives way to numerous free applications (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Weather, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc.). Too many to list. Also, the game bank is so vast that it seems everything is within reach or downloadable.

You can watch TV, movies, chit chat, browse the Internet, play games, EVERYTHING.

There are some options that are a 'pay only' option like Blogger, etc.; things that require more code and so forth. I didn't see where Plurk was an option or any of the Facebook games were available (PackRat, Yoville, etc.).

I would definitely opt for the new iTouch. I have found a new love thanks to my true love, my girlfriend. She keeps me in the loop and my addictions going strong!

3 Responses to “Apple Ipod Nano 3rd Gen vs iTouch”

Berry said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE the ITouch coz you can do everything with it.. heehee. I hate having to charge it twice a day coz I use it too much. LOL. ipod nano 3rd gb is nice too... BUT I LOVE MY ITOUCH MORE. heehee.

we are both very addicted on our gadgies.. LOL. HEEHEE.

Braiden said...

Forgot that tidbit... Thanks, babe.

The iTouch battery capacity is less than adequate for the genuine Apple lover.

I'd say you'd probably get 2 hours out of it if you use it constantly.

Berry said...

Just opening my fortune cookie app and the doodle app, and checking my emails drains the battery. I havent even played music with it!! hahahahahaha!!

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