Thursday, January 8, 2009

Your Input Is Needed!

Hey eager readers!

I need your help. I want to find the best bag/case that will carry all of the following items and i'd like to keep them neat and organized, not just tossed into a bottomless pit where plugs and cords turn into the dreaded X-mas lights knot.

I currently have cases for each of the following but I want something that will carry all of these items together.

1. Garmin GPS
2. BlackBerry 8830
3. BlackBerry Curve
4. Apple Ipod Nano 3rd Gen.
5. Apple Ipod Touch
6. PSP 3000
7. Canon Powershot SD750
8. PDA Cnvrt Keyboard
9. The FLIP
10. BOSE Headphones

So far, I have visited,,,,,,,,,,,

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